Super Slow falll Jigs

              The Super
Slow Fall Jig with  the          Kick-N-Fool Trailer

Crawdad, Black-N-Chartreuse, and Black-N-Blue   

Examples of the Super Slow Fall Jigs



Ok, all you trophy Bass, Pike & Muskie, hunters, here it is!! The new Super Slow fall jig and my new Kick-N-Fool trailer.This is the first slow fall jig that uses a standard 3/8 oz. jig in a slow fall presentation. This new  bait doesn't fall at the 2 to 3 feet per second like almost all other jig do,  but a painfully slow 4 inches per second. In Spring when bass are less active this is a real game changer. This is the perfect bait to fish docks and lay down trees with in the early spring. The best method is to cast to cover like a dock or tree and let the bait fall on a semi slack line and watch your line for hits as it falls. once the bait hits the bottom it stands straight up just like a crawdad in defense mode. This is a plus in 2 ways it looks natural to the fish and it keeps the bait from hanging up. Many times in colder water the fish will watch the bait very closely as if falls and rests on the bottom. if you let it sit for maybe 15 to 30 seconds  and when give it a pop up about a foot or two they will nail it as it starts to sink again. A friend used this technique to land over 60 fish in a day in 50 deg water. I used the bait later in the year as well with great success for Largemouth Bass as did another friend for some big pike and a monster 22 lb.Muskie. Every time I have fished this bait I've been amazed by the number and size of the fish I got &
If you try it you will be too.

Here is Nate with a 20 lb. Tiger Muskie that hammered a Super Slow Fall Jig.

The Super Slow Fall Jig is an amazing bait, Read the review that did on them.

    Right out the package, it’s quite noticeable the Super Slow Fall Jig offers something uniquely different. We threw the Black –N-Blue Super Slow Fall Jig and Kick-N-Fool trailer for our initial review. This system uses a 1/4 oz. lead football jig-head and weighs 3/8 oz. Despite its weight the jig offers a very slow fall presentation. The gradual decent is made possible by a round foam core attached directly to the hook shank. This interesting alteration counters the weight of the jig head and provides added buoyancy. The result is a jig that averages a slow four inch per second decent creating ample time to alert nearby fish and with a continuous slow motion sets the scene for a perfect strike. Aiding in the notification are twin magnum rattles. Once this jig hits bottom, the foam core continues to work, this time allowing the jig to stand and the Kick-N-Fool trailer to position itself vertically. Giving it the appearance if that of a crawdad posed upward in defense mode. Pretty cool. This is a great lure to throw near heavy cover and proved very effective; giving a little slack in the line, around fallen trees where bass seek shelter and strategic positioning for feeding. On rock beds, in semi clear water, the lure proved highly effective again, letting it hit bottom, slowly dragging it and giving it the occasional bounce to bring it to life. Pike and pickerel also showed a liking to this bait.  The jig is supported by a sturdy weed guard that comes through cover well and a solid hook.  When fishing the Super Slow Fall Jig and Kick-N-Fool trailer patience is key, letting this little dandy jig do most of the work.

The Super Slow Fall Jig  2 Toads on the Super Slow Fall Jig

                Slow Fall jig colors; Black N Purple, Crawdad, Black N Blue,           Here is Two toads that I got on the Slow Fall Jig off the same log at a local pond.

                 Red Shad, Black N Chartreuse, and Green Pumpkin.

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