DeadStick-N-Fool Colors

The Dead-Stick-N-Fool is made from extra soft plastic that is chuck full of salt and shad scent. This bait was made for dead sticking, just cast it out to a good spot and let it sink and watch for your line to take off. The Dead Stick-N-Fool is available in a 5 and 6" version. All of the largest fish of all kinds that were caught on my baits were hooked on this bait like this giant 12 lb. Monster with a DeadStick-N-Fool hanging out of its mouth caught at El Salto By Tony Gunderson of Idaho. His personal best and the largest bass hooked on a Fish-n-Fool Lure so far. But this bait is not just a freshwater lure, but it catches saltwater fish as well. This amazing bait has caught everything from 60 lb. Tarpon to 8 lb. Brown Trout and a 40 lb. Mahi Mahi to 20 lb. Muskie. They have also caught Redfish on the texas coast, Bonefish in the Florida Keys, a 30 lb. Stripers in the Cali. Delta. and Speckled Sea Trout off the mouth of the Mississippi.

Color in 6"
Color in 5"

Because these are all handmade this is currently a special order bait at $6.95 per pack

Tony with a MONSTER 12 lb. Bass caught on a Bleeding Pearl Shad

Shipping is flat rate to USA and CAN.

$0 to $7.00        $3.00

$7.01 to $15.00   $4.50

$15.01 to $30.    $6.00

$30.01 to $60.     $8.00

$60.01 to $100.   $10.00

$100.01 up          $12.00

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