Look for a review of the Sink-N-Fool to be featured in the Spring issue of Bassin magazine. WE are please to say that Fish-N-Fool lures are now available at all White Elephant stores in the Spokane Wash. area.

Sink-N-Fool Colors   
Check out the new line of Metallic Sink-N-Fool colors. I've gotten about 60%  of my big fish on them this year! But all the Sink-N-Fools are GREAT fish catchers. I'm so sure of this lure I guarantee that if
any lure   will catch fish,
The Sink-N-Fool will.

Send us a picture of a big fish you caught on a Fish-N-Fool Lure and get a free bag of baits with your next order.

For a better look at the Sink-N-Fool colors click on them here. Earthworm


Green Shad

Green Shad

Red Shad

Metallic Red Shad

Pumpkin Blue Pearl

Pumpkin Blue Pearl

Silver Shad

Metallic Silver Shad

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

Midnite Blue Shad

Metallic Midnite Blue Shad

The Sink-N-Fool is a super heavy salt bait that is made for fishing on the fall.
      We put more salt in our lures then any other lure company making them extra heavy and that's what gives them their amazing wobbling action.    It has a great horizontal forward gliding fall with the hook toward the front of the bait. With the hook back towards the middle of the bait this thing on a dead fall has so much action it's hard to believe. It squirms and wiggles as it falls way more then any other sinking stick baits do. Fish it the same as any of your fast sinking stick type baits, it's unique shape and fall gives fish something that they have never seen before and man do they eat it up! This bait has been such a huge success that,     We are now going to guarantee you will catch bass on these baits,   if you rig and fish them as suggested  on the other pages of my site.


Available in 5" and 6"
The 5" weighs 1/4 oz. and is used mainly for Smallmouth or drop shotting.
The 6" weighs 3/8 oz. and is my go to for Largemouth bass, Stripers, Pike and such.
The total # of species the Sink-N-Fool has caught is now at 29. They have caught 18 different species in fresh water and 11 for saltwater. Including a 23 lb Pike, 15 lb Lake Trout, 60 lb, Tarpon,17 lb. Redfish,24 lb. Muskie, 32lb. Striped bass, Speckled Sea trout, 15" Yellow Perch,43" Mahi mahi,24" Rainbow trout, 4 lb.Spotted Bass, 26" Pickerel, and a 17 1/2" 3+ lb. Black Crappie. Heck I even caught a big catfish on one this year!!!

Solid Colors in 6"

Laminate Colors in 6"
Laminate colors in 5"

Solid colors in 5"
Order the Bleeding Pearl Shad baits on the Dead Stick-N-Fool Page on the top upper left of this page.

5" or 6"  $5.99 per pack for solid colors and $6.49 for laminate colors
8 in a pack

Shipping is flat rate to USA Only.

$0 to $7.00        $3.50

$7.01 to $15.00   $5.00

$15.01 to $30.    $6.50

$30.01 to $60.     $8.50

$60.01 to $100.   $10.50

$100.01 up          $12.50

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