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We are proud to say we now have the complete line of Sink-N-Fool's in all the White Elephant stores in the Spokane, Wash. area.We also have baits in stores in the Pend Oreille Valley Sportsman in Oldtown, Wa and Fins & Feathers in CDA Id. If you don't live in the N.W. you can still order baits here off the website.

Tony with 12.3 hog he got at El Salto
on a Bleeding Pearl Shad

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Inventor of the Fish-N-Fool Knot  winner of Knot Wars on the
N. American Fishing Club

TV Show  as the best fishing knot of all time

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Jace Pollard  Jace Pollard

Jace Pollard from Post, Texas got some hogs from Lake Fork on a 6" Pearl White Sink-N-Fool in about 2 ft. of water. His dad got the another big fish an 8 lb. and Jace also got a 9.2 lb fish all off of just one bait!!!!!! Here is his letter.
   "Hey Fish N Fool, Love your baits!!!!! One of the guides at Lake Fork gave me one of your white Bleeding Pearl Shad deadstick baits. The first fish I saw on a bed I tried it out it worked like magic! The bait set for a about 30 seconds before the big bass went crazy on it, well here she is all 10. 8 pounds of her! I had been trying to catch bedding fish all morning, but a cold front had came in the previous day and gave the big bass a bad case of lock jaw. At about 11 o'clock. I had been casting at what I thought was a 6 or 7 pound bass with a 8 in. brush hog I tacked her on the side of the head hard several times and she still wouldn't take the bait. Our guide said that he had a new bait that a friend had asked him to try out called a Sink-N-Fool and he asked me to put it on, after about 2 cast I got the bait positioned right behind the big hog. I gave her one good thump in her side with the bait and then I let it sit right in front of her in about 3 seconds she gobbled the bait up and proceeded to move it off the bed as soon as I realized what was happening I set the hook in her. She put up a great fight for being so close to the boat. After taking her out of the large net I noticed that she was quite a bit bigger than I had thought she was, and after weighing the monster I was awarded with my first 10 lb. bass ever. The other two big fish that my dad and I caught came later that day. We caught several small fish on your bait as well, but we ran out shortly after I caught the 9.2 pounder."

Mark Carrico with a Monster Idaho Bass  Even Jimmy Houston uses Fish-N-Fool lures

       Mark Carrico from Hayden Lake,ID. with a nice bass
he got at a secret lake throwing a Strawberry Red 6" Sink-N-Fool       Even Jimmy Houston uses Fish-N-Fool Lures

 Mike Melancon  Jim Thompson

Left; LightNRod with a nice 5lb. Georgia pond bass on a 6" Watermelon Red Sink-N-Fool
Right; Mike Melancon with a giant he got on lake Sam Rayburn fishing a 6" Green Shad.

    "Fish-N-Fool Lures are my favorite bass baits on the market. Possibly the best    plastic ever invented, Sink-N Fool plastics are  the most unique and effective drop       bait I have ever sold or used. Here's just a few examples of fish caught on
                                       these kick A$$ baits!"


             That's Matt Howard with a monster N. Idaho L.M. bass!            Philip Smith with a Toad Largey too!!!!!!

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Left; Chuck Nail with a nice West side bass.
Center; Chris Swan with a nice 7 lb. N. Idaho bass on a 6" white Sink-N-Fool. 
Right; KC Matthews with a nice Idaho bass.

Chuck Nail  Pete Roundy  LMKC Matthews  LM />

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